About NetDragon

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province, NetDragon Websoft Inc. possesses the core technologies for online game development and has keen market insight and broad international perspective. Committed to promoting the development of online game industry in China, NetDragon is a leader for China´s national online games and a pioneer in tapping the overseas markets.

NetDragon is one of the first Chinese companies which release in-house developed online games and the first Chinese company which successfully expands into the overseas markets and makes great achievements. Now, it is the largest Chinese online game operator in the American market. It is operating games in six language markets, including English, French, Spanish and Japanese. NetDragon attends E3 which is the "Oscar" in the global gaming industry five yeas in succession on behalf of Chinese online game industry. In addition, it cooperates with Ubisoft, Yahoo, Sega and other well-known international partners in many ways. NetDragon receives remarkable attention and affirmation from various social circles due to the outstanding achievements it has made. It obtained "Chinese Games Overseas Expansion Award" and "Ten Best Game Developers Award" granted by the General Administration of Press and Publication and the Ministry of Information Industry three years in a row, and received six awards from the 2006 PLAY100 in China and many other special honours.

To date, NetDragon has successfully developed and operated three massively multi-player online games, i.e. Monster and Me, Conquer Online and Eudemons Online and several other titles are under development, among which, Eudemons Online released in 2006 is among the first batch of free to play games in China. Eudemons Online is maintaining a rapid growing momentum, boasting the most popular national online game in China.

NetDragon takes a leading position in the fast-growing online game industry largely due to the reason that the company always commits itself to nurturing core competitiveness for game development featuring independent innovation Concerning technology research and development, NetDragon attaches great importance to independent R&D and continuously introduces world advanced technologies. NetDragon has released its in-house developed 2D and 2.5D game engines. In addition, it invested a large amount of money to introduce motion capturers and Unreal 3 Engine which is the most advanced game engine in the world. We have sufficient technological reserve for developing different types of online game. Concerning talent nurturing, NetDragon has the best online game development team - TQ Digital - in China. We introduce and nurture talents with an investment vision and provide unique work environment and learning opportunities for all the staff. Highlighting customer value, the dev team can always create products which meet the market demands. We have the ability to modify products in real time and fully control the demands and changes in the consuming market. Regarding game operation, NetDragon is the first company which employs Ogilvy & Mather, one of the world´s leading communications services companies, to provide professional marketing services and directions on CRM client relations, which greatly enhances the company´s professionalism on online game operation. Regarding enterprise management, NetDragon advocates the enterprise culture of learning, innovation, happiness and faithfulness and actively promotes knowledge management and process recreation, controls the whole process of game development through adopting the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management system, and standardizes the game making procedure and standards, ensuring continuous learning and innovation so as to create a learning-style company supported by Internet technologies.

In addition, NetDragon also injects new concepts and new technologies into the gaming industry through actively holding different types of professional activities and nurturing excellent talents. It cooperates with game talents nurturing organizations through providing teaching staff, samples and outsourcing projects, directing students´ practical training so as to speed up the growth of talents and cultivate more industrial talents. Each year, NetDragon donates 2 million yuan to Fujian NetDragon Youth Business Fund, providing training, interest-free loans, tutoring and other kinds of social services in order to support the youth in the gaming industry and other industries to set up their own business. In addition, NetDragon builds www.591up.com which is an online learning community in order to promote online learning and knowledge sharing and increase employability comprehensively. As a result, NetDragon was granted "China Youth Pioneering Work Excellent Corporate and Organization Award", the only enterprise winning the award in Fujian Province.

Our mission is to make China-made online games known to the whole world and become another proud of China! With the joint efforts of all NetDragon staff, we are firmly moving toward our dreams.